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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

The upcoming holidays are coming up so... that means fewer blog post.
Art by Devin Lewis

Friday, October 14, 2011

More To Come !!!

Coming new to TheArtisticPegasus are more weelky post, school reviews, and links to websites related to the arts (mostly the visual arts). Lets see how far this blog will go and where it will take me!

Arts At The Fair

At the State Fair of Texas there was more than rides and food (which was awesome) there was lots of art.

Art was everywhere around the fair. All you had to do was open your eyes. All the nice statues and all the huge paintings crossing the bulidings wall where always around. The tap daning that only happens in Texas. Or the music that plays at the Chevrolet Main Stage, around the park, or anywhere. Have you noticed the art around you? Maybe we should open up our eyes and minds a bit more. The State Fair also makes a great place to take photos. Look at my Flickr Photosteam to see more photos form the State Fair of Texas!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

SPACE In Nu_Works!

Today in Nu_Works we wrapped up our project on space. I made a oil pastel artwork and made a small still life.I think my project went well. I wish that I was a little bit more ready to present to the class. 

To me the strongest project was one of my classmates Meg. She made a stop motion video about how space is used. She showed different spaces like open space, personal space, work space, cyber and outer space. The "big" star of the movie was a little troll face riding a dinosaur. Thanks for reading!  

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Using More Technology

Students and teachers at Booker T. Washington, high schools, and even colleges are using STUDYBLUE to there advantage. Teachers can upload notes and vocabulary while students can look up and save the information from there ipods, phones and laptops! Get yourself started with this fantastic website!